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Well If a may believe the serial number sequences,and the numer of digit it contains normaly, im getting the 00 and thats tell me its an 2000 or 2010 Rifle. Wel a bit old and odd...

Because, when i find the bolt handles, one shop may refer like this:

At last, an aftermarket charging handle option for the M60, M70, M795 and other semi-auto Marlin rimfire models.
All the main parts are CNC'd. Several different designs and colors to choose from.
Improved grip area and appearance with easy drop-in Installation.
Fits Marlin bolts with .375 wide charging handle shank MANUFACTURED AFTER January 2007.
(Will still fit in the earlier models, however there will be about a .025" excessive clearance front to rear that would need to
be shimmed, or otherwise accomodated).
That tells me that there are some changing in the specs. Could it be that Remmington made these rifles since 2007 ???
Or the "normal charge-ing handle" was introduced, at 2007, and maybe prior 2007, they had the ones who i have ??

Just speculating...

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