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Hey guys... Thanks for the interest in the new book/DVD/Home Study Course.

It is a new program that I developed in conjunction with USCCA to give people a better understanding of HOW to train and why I think that a "counter ambush" approach is the best way for those interested in Personal Defense to approach the problem (as opposed to training in a way that presumes being "on balance" and "ready").
This is the first time that I am offering any type of distance learning course formally. I think this topic is important enough to justify it. I understand why people aren't as likely to take the time/effort/energy to attend a multi-day lecture series on the topic, but I think it is possible to take the lecture DVDs, the book and the home-study workbook and learn enough about the topic to pass the test we have prepared as a demonstration of successful completion. We'll see once people start taking the actual test, but I am expecting great feedback and results!

As for the pricing, you might be comparing Apples & Oranges. My fundamental 2 day course is $500... the APH is an advanced course and we cover quite a lot more material in that time period. The 2 day Combat Focus Shooting is a pre-requisite, and there are still some places we offer it for less from time to time because of existing relationships with the hosts that keep costs down.


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