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Originally Posted by romadant View Post
I know this post is a couple weeks old but I want to add something in case people look it up later.

It's just my opinion, and you can tell me to shove it, but I think you or anyone considering a cantilever mount should save a little more and go for a USA made QD model. If you have the time to be patient you can pick up a used LaRue or Bobro in the $150-170 range or an ADM for as little as $135 or so.

You might not think you need the QD now, but if you do in the future end up with another AR you will enjoy being able to swap optics between the two.

My favorite is the Bobro - amazing build quality, innovative design, and made in CA. What more can you ask for? I've seen a handful of them go recently for around $150 in slightly used condition on forums.
I have LaRue, ARMS, Aimpoint and Burris TER, AR pivot ring and XTR - previously had ADM all for RDS and magnifiers... all QD and all good.

Burris PEPR for a rifle scope is a good choice for 99% of civilian users... not necessary to spend twice as much - but the more expensive ones are good units too.
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