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Originally Posted by agent.5 View Post
interesting. no shoulder roll-forward, from the video review above.

Based on the pictures a few posts above, it appears that, on the draw of a handgun, Frank rolls his support wrist facing to the ground prior to uniting the support hand onto the strong hand grip.

Does Frank teach rolling the support wrist forward as much as possible? For those who has attended his class, can you guys share what is Frank's teaching on handgun grip and recoil management?
No mention of rolling wrists forward as much as possible. It was mostly your modern pistol grip that I see taught by Army SF guys which is influenced by competition folks like Rob Leathem. Thumbs as high as possible and pointing forward with support hand gripping the gun in such a way that you could take your right hand off and move the hand gun in any direction without it moving.

If you cant your wrist forward you are going to end up with elbows up. If you watch Frank shoot both elbows are relaxed, shoulders are relaxed and his head is stretched forward and not bent.
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