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Default Safes: Hall's, Sturdy, and Visalia

I am in the market for a quality safe, and have narrowed my search to Sturdy, Hall's and Visalia safes. There seems to be limited info on Hall's and Visalia, while Sturdy has a great website with tons of info. Also, people sing the praises of Sturdy's quality, value, and customer service. I am looking to buy local, American (Northern/Central California) quality. Any feedback from Hall's and/or Visalia safe owners is appreciated!

With that being said, I have two very specific questions concerning the options and construction of the above-referenced safes:

1) Hinges: What is the functional difference between a piano hinge and a traditional external hinge? The locking bolts keep the door secure, so don't think either give more/less security. Visalia uses a piano hinge, whereas Hall's and Sturdy feature external. Pros and cons?

2) Penetrations: Many safes have (or the option to have) holes pre-drilled for power and bolting to floor. I have also been told that such penetrations lead to moisture intrusion and can compromise fire rating protection. Does the potential for moisture/fire outweigh the convenience of holes for power and mounting? I am more concerned with the penetrations for bolt-down security of the safe.

Once again, Thanks.

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