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Default IPSC Target Sizes

100% full size ISC target 18"X30"
This would mean that a 75% target would be 13.5"X22.5" a 66% target would be 12"X20" a 50% target would be 9"X15"

I think everyone know's where I am going, I do not understand why someone calls something a full size and it is 16"X26" or 75% is 12"X16" our call a 50% is a 13.5"X9" Why not call it what it is.

When you buy an IPSC target from us you get the true dimensions our 100% IPSC is 18"X30" after it is cut and material loss from cutting is on my dime not yours, keep this in mind when buying your next target, even if it is not from us be informed and make your vendor answer these questions.

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