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Originally Posted by jamesob View Post
if you have a parent that lives out of state and " they have a gun you want " there is no restrictions on transfer between the son / daughter and there parents. so if they have a gun that is not on the list you still can receive the gun from your parents or vise versa. i know this because i did this on the ca. doj information they gave me. this is how i got my non rostered gun. my brother lives in oregon and gave my dad a desert eagle 50ae. my dad later gave it to me. of course you have to do your transfer but totally legal.
You could also have bought the listed Desert Eagle .44 from an instate FFL and then bought the .50ae barrel and magazines online. Although I'm sure you probably saved money the way you did it.

It's too bad more pistols with easily interchangeable barrels did not get on the list before the LCI requirement went into effect.

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