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I wouldn't do it. This guy is a prohibited person, not just some DMV screwup. It will have all the appearances of a strawman purchase, even if you think it is not. As stated above, one of the first things checked during an ATF audit is the disposition of all denials. The same address will definitely be caught and you will have to answer for the transfer. You've got too much to lose, and nothing to gain. So he's a friend, I wouldn't do it if it was my own father and mother. If the original intent was always to give it to the GF, why didn't she DROS it to start with? The denial is his fault, not yours. So you special ordered a $450 gun which turns out to be nothing but a G17, big deal. What's wrong with telling him to come back in 3months. You can also give him his money back, less the 10% and DROS fees, then sell the G17 here on CG at cost. You'll make your money back with 10% profit easily within the week. Again, don't do it, nothing to gain, and everything to lose.
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