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Originally Posted by cowboykenny View Post
Sorry, you feel that way, But there is a lot more that goes with it than shoot no shoot. It takes someone who understands the LE job and the duties involved, to go with it.
If we were talking about how to conduct a traffic stop, DV interview, or the force continuem I would agree with you. But we are not talking about that portion of the job, or at least I am not. I am talking about a non-sworn person teaching basic marksmenship, fireing from cover and concealment, selection of appropriate cover, fireing while on the move, weapons retention, combat weapons courses that require mag changes and round counts. Once proper marksmenship is handled and an individual can handle thier weapon under stress then your LE sworn officer takes what the student has learned and covers the LE aspects of it. There is no reason why a Marksmenship instructor HAS to be a sworn position. There is a reason that alot of firearms instructors are prior military. Just saying....
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