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Originally Posted by VaderSpade View Post
So after recommending you put a serial number on home built guns so you don't get in trouble, that's what just got a guy I knows AR's taken away!

This guys brother had a late season tag that he filled the last Saturday of the season. They quartered the buck up and let the meat age for a week before cutting it up. When they cut the buck up the guy I know takes a little meat home with him. Well he gets pulled over by a game warden (tail light) and the warden finds the meat. This guy tells the warden the whole story because it's the truth and the warden's not buying it. He accuses the guy of back dating the tag on a fresh kill. The warden takes the meat and the head to do DNA test. The guy I know knows it's the same deer so nothing to worry about there.

The next day the warden shows up at the guys house and ask if he can look around.

They tell him flat out NO you can't look around. The warden calls for back up tells everyone not to touch anything and calls the DA for a Warrant.
The back up gets there but no warrant. They tell the guys that they have a daylight only warrant on the way but the guy with the warrant gets lost or something and daylight is fading fast, so they search without it being served.

They ask the guys to open the safe and show them the gun that shot the buck. They tell them no. "I would hate to ruin your safe but we will get into it one way or another" they say. So they open the safe with about 30 guns in it, and the cops run ALL the numbers.

In the end they left all the guns except for 3 AR's. The guy I know built them from 80% lowers and used the same serial numbers on two BUT they are different models, with different model numbers, one is a .308. The cops said they were taking them because the serial numbers looked suspicious.

Anyway I came to this thread to get a link for the guys lawyer, and thought I would share.

So much for saying NO to a search.
At that point I would tell the cops to go pound, HaHa. In fact, I wouldn't even answer the door if I see cops or wardens.
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