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Originally Posted by Boogaloo View Post
All fine and good, but what if she "coincidentally" picks out the same Glock 17 ?
Are you suggesting that as long as I cancel the sale and refund the deposit (with paper trail) that I effectively eliminate any possible "straw purchase" implications?

Also, there is a bit of a hang up here because I am a special order salesman when it comes to Glocks. I purchased this from a distributor AFTER the client payed me to make the purchase. If I refund him everything but the DROS fee, I am basically stuck with the Glock unless I hold it until February (when his restriction clears).
how many glock 17s do you have in stock it would be good if it was a different one

like the bafte says "know your customer"

if it smells fishy don't risk you lively hood tell them to go to a specific competitor politely and explain you are not comfortable doing buisness with them
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