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Default My first denial - Sell it to his girlfriend?

I just got my first denial. I got the call from the DOJ on Saturday as I was coming home from a day of shooting with the son in law.

I immediately called the customer who is a friend, and told him to stop what he was doing and call the number I gave him. He did, and it turns out it is legitimate. He had an arrest nearly 10 years ago that resulted in a misdemeanor charge, and that is that.

Now, the customer wants to have his girlfriend buy the gun (Glock 17), and I am really uncertain how to proceed. I actually work with this guy, and he is a good dude. He was at a big gathering, got pushed around by some drunk guy, defended himself, and ended up getting arrested (10 years ago this February).

The person he spoke with at the DOJ advised him that his restriction will be lifted on February 14th of 2013 (a couple months from now) but he wants to have his girlfriend by the gun now, and he will buy another gun in February when he is free and clear. I called the DOJ back and repeated what the customer told me, and they said they did not feel this was an issue since the girlfriend is just another person, and that they have no control, concern or advice on that issue.

How would you proceed? Should I go ahead and DROS the girlfriend and sell it to her? or advise the customer to just wait until February until the restriction drops off? He is pretty clear with me that he wants the girlfriend to just buy it. I told him I need to wait for clarification before I proceed.

Would love some quick advice fellas. Thanks!
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