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Originally Posted by jjdurso View Post

Are you talking about a PPT, or having him receive a gun through the mail? The legislated max fee for a PPT is $35 total ($10 to the FFL and $25 to the gov). That doesn't mean I haven't had to stop cashiers from trying to charge customers more from time to time.
Basically I have found a guy who has a LOT of MaTens. Just the one I want and the price is a bunch below retail (did I say it was in stock)
Anyways I have been looking to get it transfered. He is an FFL in Michigan. So from the list I found of FFL's I have found in the San Diego area they all range from $40 to $150 JUST FOR THE TRANSFER not including DROS fee.
Another list. It has gone all over the place. I transfered a pistol about 3 years ago at California Police equipment for 10 bucks!!! I called them last week and they said out of state would be $75!!! Wow have they changed. I will do whatever I need to do but obviously I would like to find someone local, inexpensive, easy to deal with, someone I don't mind doing more business with. I know people need to make money to stay in business so I never look for freebies. I am not one of those.
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