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Sorry for the late response, it has been a busy weekend.

Originally Posted by retired View Post
I'm not sure I'll be attending, but I do have two questions:

1. For those who want to shoot their handguns on the handgun range. Is that range reserved for us also or we will be mixed with shooters not from or group and will we be competing for them for a lane. We only have the rifle range reserved for us. You will be shooting with nonevent shooters on the handgun range.

2. Is the rimfire competition restricted to rimfire rifles or will rimfire handguns be allowed. Will those deciding to shoot on the handgun range still be allowed to shoot in the competition or is that restricted to those shooters; handgun and rifle that are shoot on the rifle range reserved for us. Full details will be posted on this by Wednesday. However, we are looking at it being a benched rifle with 10 shots timed. I have a semi auto 22 that can be borrowed. This is a fun shoot, so don't worry too much.

3. Is there is a difference in the type of target hangers on the rifle range than the handgun range that requires the $20 deposit. I'm just wondering. Casey is afraid some yahoo is going to set his pistol target 75 feet back and end up putting holes in the ceiling and the hangers.

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