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Sorry to see no responses so far. I have been patiently eyeing the Savage 64 F. I hear they are made in Canada, fair enough.

Youtube has a lot of videos posted by users of the 64. My post is relaying second-hand info!!! Hopefully a bump will help with actual users. Your mileage may vary.

These seem to be reliable rifles. The magazine seem to be the area that causes misfeeds, and Savage customer service has been helpful in getting the customer a new magazine if requested. They are made of steel, which is cool. The area that seems to be the problem is sometimes rough metal shaping around the "nose" of the magazine, where the nose of the bullet ramps toward the chamber as it feeds. This may be remedied by the customer smoothing the magazine, not that that should be an excuse.

The 64 FXP is a package deal that includes a budget scope. Most people/older eyed people view these as throwaway $10-$15 scopes.

Big 5 is running a coupon Sun 11/25, Mon 11/26 if interested. Firearms do not usually go on sale with these coupons:
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