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We need some spare hands on Dec 8 if we're going to cover all the ranges at Sac Valley. Who can be a "C3-for-a-day" ?

One time only duties are:
  • wear your CGN T shirt or hat (or we'll get you one)
  • arrive at 9:30-10am, identify yourself to other C3's and say what range your're shooting on
  • go to your range and nail down your shooting space (it gets busy after 10)
  • cruise the range you're going to shoot on, looking for lost CGN'ers,
  • do a little PR for Calguns while patrolling
  • introduce them to the other CGN'3ers and encourage them to shoot together. That's from 10 am to maybe 11:30.
Then once the group is assembled, do your own shooting

That's it. Surely someone can do it for one day, on Dec 8.
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