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Originally Posted by hr20099mm View Post
Is there a video on YouTube that shows the process on how to collect the data for your range card, how to do it?
Just go to the range and "walk it out". Bring lots of ammo and have fun shooting. Helps if you have a spotter to tell you how far you are off, but not necessary if you can spot your own shots through the scope. Get your 100 yd zero and then shoot 200-300-400-500-etc and dial up your turret til you get on target at each range. Write it down. If you can spot your own shots and measure your impact/miss with your reticle then you just dial in the amount you are off/low/high.
Example; you are set on your 100 yd zero, you shoot at 400yds and see the dirt fly below your target. Using your reticle, measure from the center of the target to the spot where the bullet hit. Say its 1.5 Mils low, dial up your turret 1.5 Mils and shoot again. Pretty easy, just measure your misses, dial correction, then shoot again, repeat.
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