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Originally Posted by bnate View Post

So to clarify, does it work on this Hornady trimmer?

Do you have a pic of it attached?

Thx for the info.

Yes, it does work on all the Hornady series of trimmers (camlock, deluxe, etc). I can take a picture of it attached to the shaft of Hornady trimmer later today if you like.
I've sold a lot of the trimmer adapters for all three major trimmers companies, RCBS, Forster, and Hornady... I haven't had one complaint nor have I had one returned yet :-)
The Hornady and Forster adapters are very similar in appearance and same price, that's why I placed them in the same ad together.

the Hornady will not fit the Forster trimmers though, nor will the Forster fit the Hornady trimmers... that's why I ask folks to specify which trimmer brand they have.

Mike B

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