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Originally Posted by jnojr View Post
First - LOTS of FFLs in San Diego! Don't go to the big, well-known places, because:

Second - PPTs are a huge PITA and expense for FFLs. Pay attention to all the silly paperwork and requirements and the time and effort it all takes and the possible cost of making a small mistake. Then look at the $10 that is all they can charge for it.

Call around. Ask when would be a good time to do a PPT. Buy something else while you're there. Check out Gussler in Santee... he's a "kitchen table" FFL, and all he does is transfers. Pay him the $10 (+$25 DROS) that's all he's allowed to charge, and then drop a few more bucks in his tip jar.
Gusslers is $40 for the transfer + the $25 DROS. Still the cheapest in town unless you know of someone else.
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