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Originally Posted by hawaii five-0 View Post
While it's true that you might win your court case,it's also true that you would probably end up in court if a LEO ran a check on your rifle and the trunion was marked MAK-90.He will use the information that is in black and white,and not accept your story of a home made gun.Remember,not all AK's have serial #'s on the flat.My Saiga's are on the trunion only.For this reason,If I were going to scrub a trunion,I would make sure it looked good.You wouldn't want a LEO to be confused into thinking that you were removing a legit serial #.
Once a gun is demilled that number has no meaning. Imported AK's generally don't have serial numbers on anything but the trunnion. If he rebuilds that on an off list receiver, the number on the receiver is the serial number is. Most of the East German AK kits are sanitized, the I.O. AK's have sanitized trunnions.
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