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Originally Posted by Ron-Solo View Post
I carried an SL-20 from 1979-2011, when I retired. During that time I went thru 4 batteries, 5 bulbs and one switch. At one point I had two of them because I was working a very isolated area. I lost my original one about six years ago, but my other one that I bought in 1982 is still going strong. When the Stinger first came out, I got one of those to keep on my belt as a backup.

The SL-20 also makes a great impact weapon when needed. More than one way to make a dirtbag see the light.

Great flashlights in my opinion.
I carried my SL-20 beginning the second year it came out (1978-1979?) and carried it until my retirement in 2003. When it first came out, I kidded my fellow deputies for spending $80 on a flashlight. Well, when I finally decided to buy one the next year, I certainly showed them by having to pay $85 for the same thing.

I went thru 2 switches (there were problems with the original slide switch), but can't recall how many batteries or bulbs. I still use it around the home and for the 11 years we had a motorhome, I always had it with us.

I will admit it doesn't have as much of the original black coloring, but that was a result of removing hanging glass on broken windows at a burglary locations, not for use as an impact weapon, tho I knew it would work in that capacity if needed.

I do wish I had bought the Surfire Stinger when it was available to us for $50, but I figured, why, since I had a light. I regret that decision.
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