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Originally Posted by pyro3k2 View Post
Oooo! I get a log book!!!! can my first entry be "Thursday, November 22, 13:36 Some *** hole with a keyboard responded to my post"

Last time I checked Calgunners helped each other out. I obviously admitted my own confusion regarding the thermal/NV penal code. Is it really that hard to believe I want a similar set up but don't know all of the options/loop holes?
Why are you taking offense? I was pointing out what I thought was a legal way to justify the equipment, and trying to be funny by quoting a possible entry in the logbook. You thought I was calling you a Fluffy-Backed Tit Babbler? (That name just cracks me up)

This thread nails it:

The key is the use of an illuminator while night scope is mounted on rifle.
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