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Originally Posted by Dantedamean View Post
Update: kind of off topic but this is what we are dealing with and why I advocate for this so much.

So my mom got a new domestic violence restraining order...

He then tried to say our order isn't a domestic violence order, even though it says it at the top. He then said it's not an emergency protective order even though the judge issued it as an emergency because of threats towards my mom. He then tried to say it's because the misdemeanor wasn't committed in his presence even though my dad admitted to not turning them in. He also said he talked to his watch commander about what to do.

I told him my dad has threatened to kill my mom and has threatened to shoot me on multiple occasions. I said "what does he have to f*cking kill my mom and have me sue you before you'll do anything?" He was offended more by me saying f*ck over anything else. (I know I have no legal ground to sue them, they have no obligation to protect us. I just banked on the fact he didn't know that lol)

West Covina PD is useless.
PC 836(c) (1) When a peace officer is responding to a call alleging a
violation of a domestic violence protective or restraining order
issued under Section 527.6 of the Code of Civil Procedure, the Family
Code, Section 136.2, 646.91, or paragraph (2) of subdivision (a) of
Section 1203.097 of this code, Section 213.5 or 15657.03 of the
Welfare and Institutions Code, or of a domestic violence protective
or restraining order issued by the court of another state, tribe, or
territory and the peace officer has probable cause to believe that
the person against whom the order is issued has notice of the order
and has committed an act in violation of the order, the officer
shall, consistent with subdivision (b) of Section 13701, make a
lawful arrest of the person without a warrant and take that person
into custody whether or not the violation occurred in the presence of
the arresting officer.
The officer shall, as soon as possible after
the arrest, confirm with the appropriate authorities or the Domestic
Violence Protection Order Registry maintained pursuant to Section
6380 of the Family Code that a true copy of the protective order has
been registered, unless the victim provides the officer with a copy
of the protective order.
Print out the above, go back and demand a crime report, pc 836/273.6 arrest authorization, and a warrant request from the watch commander. Absent satisfaction, demand two complaint forms. One for the previous officer and one for the watch commander. Tell them Ca. law and their dept policy require them to act. E-Mail the chief, city manager, city attorney, and council members if you still get no satisfaction.
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