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Originally Posted by yelohamr View Post
Contact a local television station and ask them to do a story on violence against women, including your mother's situation.

The more people that know about it may help her get something done.

Two scenarios seem likely if she succeeds in enlisting the help of the media.

1) It will intimidate the former LEO and bring "off the record" pressure from his LEO peers, prompting him to back down.

2) It will enrage him, make him antagonize her more, and it may possibly make him snap and finish her off, with the perp throwing all caution to the wind, regardless of potential circumstances.

#2 seems a bit unlikely.

Before moving your mom out of the state, I myself would probably try to get the media involved.

Try KNBC. This station seems to be the most sympathetic to the kind of story you have to tell.

And remember, to them it is just a story.

So substantiate every claim the best you can with witnesses and evidence.

Good luck to OP and the alleged victim.

I don't envy your predicament.

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