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Update: kind of off topic but this is what we are dealing with and why I advocate for this so much.

So my mom got a new domestic violence restraining order out against my dad. He had 24 hours to turn in his guns or sell them to an FFL, this was 3 days ago. We went to glendora PD and told them west Covina PD won't help us at all. Glendora told us they need proof he was served in person before anything can be done.

We spent 2 hours tracking down a copy of the proof of service to show he was served in person, we ended up at the pamona court house by west Covina PD. Once we got that we went to WCPD and asked to see an officer, we waited for 4 hours. We told the officer what was going on, that he is in violation of the court order. He took down my dad's phone number and called him.

After about another 15 minutes of waiting he came back out and talked to us. He said my dad is coming down to turn in his guns and he is going to give us a report number. I told him we want my dad charged, this is now his 6th violation of a court order and nothing has yet to happen to him.

The officer told us they were not going to charge him because "a violation of a court order is nothing." however his next sentence he said we can have him arrested if he comes to our house. I showed him the part in the restraining order that says if violated its a 1k fine and/or one year in jail. The officer just shrugged.

He then tried to say our order isn't a domestic violence order, even though it says it at the top. He then said it's not an emergency protective order even though the judge issued it as an emergency because of threats towards my mom. He then tried to say it's because the misdemeanor wasn't committed in his presence even though my dad admitted to not turning them in. He also said he talked to his watch commander about what to do.

I told him my dad has threatened to kill my mom and has threatened to shoot me on multiple occasions. I said "what does he have to f*cking kill my mom and have me sue you before you'll do anything?" He was offended more by me saying f*ck over anything else. (I know I have no legal ground to sue them, they have no obligation to protect us. I just banked on the fact he didn't know that lol)

After twenty minutes of arguing with him I told him to just give me the police report and we'll leave, he then said there will not be a police report, it will just be considered a field interview.... I asked why he wasn't writing a report, he responded with "because the violation is nothing!" I then reminded him that this is what we were told the 5 other times. I said "had officers taken a report the five other times you could look at that and think to yourself hmmm maybe I should do something."

He didn't like that. Best part, that moron told my dad to come down, with his guns, and he walked up while we were trying to get him arrested.

West Covina PD is useless.
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