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Originally Posted by SocomM4 View Post
Wasn't aware S&W were bottom feeders.

This guy is dead on.vvv
If you buy a good complete upper (from PSA, Aim Surplus, Spikes, BCM, etc) and dont skimp on the lower parts kit and buffer tube kit, you should have a high quality reliable rifle. Everything else like optics, buttstock, and pistol grip all come second.

And the best advice I can give is not take the colt talk too serious. It's just a rifle and not the best one out .
What he said.

There's nothing wrong with S&W.

If you can find a fully built Daniel Defense, LMT, Spikes for the same price though, go for one of those.

I know lots of folks talk about how great Colt is... but in all honesty, any of the names i listed above can go head to head with Colt.....

NOOB... sorry couldn't resist.
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