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Originally Posted by Kappy View Post

I would much rather have a very small area in which my bullet can randomly land than a larger one. Pistols, unless they're in a rest, won't make a difference. That's why I don't bother trimming. In a benched rifle, on the other hand, will make a difference. For me, even a fifth of an inch at 100yds makes a difference. Will trimming the brass (changing the pressure, and therefore likely the height of the shot placement) for that purpose make a difference? Absolutely. I won't be going without brass trimming in the future.

And... when it comes down to it... prepping brass is part of the fun of reloading. I won't be doing it in pistol, but I'll always do it (even for plinking) for rifle.

So.. I think we're agreeing... we're just talking about two different things. I'm answering the OP's third item about it making a difference in rifle shooting. You seem to be sticking more with the pistol aspect.
We do agree. I was only referring to the trimming of pistol brass. Rifle is a completely different matter.
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