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Originally Posted by BlackLoTuS View Post
i picked up my lower from Riflegear and i have a couple observations/issues that i think you guys need to know about.

First off i think it's plenty sturdy enough to function fine as a lower for any type of build, it does weigh a little less, but not by much since you are only replacing a relatively small piece of aluminum with a plastic one. you still have the other standard components on the lower. the fit with an upper is nice and TIGHT, no need for an accu wedge with this lower! The trigger is a bit stiffer than i would prefer but surprisingly crisp. i can't believe its all plastic. If i want better i have no problems replacing it. I wish i had a chance to try it out, but haven't yet due to a couple problems.

I'll start in order with the most glaring issues and these should be VERY easy to fix and most don't really have anything to do with the actual lower.
1. ALL the PINS/PARTS are PLASTIC! The biggest issue i have is with the PLASTIC takedown pins and PLASTIC detent pins! once again i have no complaint about the trigger/hammer group but the first time i tried to pop out the pins they were tight (detent was holding it tight) then sloppy. the rear pin popped out completely on my first attempt and it was a pain to put back in! the plastic detent pin was flexing so it wouldn't hold straight in the channel. once i finally got it in and made sure that the groove was lining up with the detent pin, i put the upper on it seemed to hold ok. then when i went to take the upper off the rear pin popped out again! and this time the pin + spring shot out never to be recovered. You guys need to at least put metal takedown pins + detent pins.

2. commercial tube? all the other lowers i have are using milspec, as i suspect most new builds out there. i would not mind paying a little more cash to get a milspec buffer tube + stock as part of the deal rather than having to buy a $40 new one. Also this should lower the weight of the lower.

3. not the Biggest complaint but since there is no provision to change out the trigger guard, why not have an oversize one molded in? is this because you bought the molds from someone else? they seem to look identical to the plum crazy lower's which i hear are using the same molds from the old carbon 15's. if that's why then i can understand it, otherwise there seems to be little excuse for having an oversize trigger guard if you started from scratch.

i think you have a pretty decent product that unfortunately seems to be held back by a couple of issues. i hope you guys do something about them and i wish you the best.

Was this overlooked/ ignored?

I'm looking into one of these complete lowers but a little iffy about the quality and how well it'll hold up. Also those "torture" test videos, the second video has too much editing at the right time to make one question this company and their product. Watch it and read the comments. I'd love to hear from someone who has put hundreds if not thousands of rounds through theirs.