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Originally Posted by CBlacksheep View Post
Hey ladies!

Call it serendipity, but I have a date with a girl coming soon and the destination has been determined as some sort of range, or possibly BLM land. I'm not too sure which would be better necessarily, however maybe that can be helped. She's shot before, however not too much. She does own her own rifle, which I have to admit is way wicked cool. I've shot with girls before and even taught some to shoot, however this is a new animal altogether. Part of me is pretty excited that she'll enjoy something that is a passion of mind, and another part dreads it.

I'm fishing for tips.
Quantify her experience.

Shooting at her dad's backyard is not = to shooting IDPA. There's a wide gulf between the two levels of experience. If Comp shooter Jessica Abbate were to ask me out ( ha!) lets just say I wouldn't be worried about HER safety habits, as it were. Once you have a realistic idea of what she's capable of , we'll be able to draw better conclusions on this topic.

Here's something I've noticed about women. While they're not motivated by macho BS, they are prone to exaggeration about certain skills,especially if they're around a guy they like. Women are human beings after all ( mystifying behaviors to the contrary being excused) , and as such you must judge her abilities based on what she can do versus what she SAYS she can accomplish. To sort that out, a boring square firing line is quite appropriate. After you've determined that she can keep her hits on a B27 target at 7 yards, then the BLM picnic is a great follow up.
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