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Default The 1st... 2nd IE Chapter Shoot @ the Beaumont Indoor Range!...DONE!!! With AAR!

It is Official!

All the details have been approved by Calguns and the Beaumont Indoor Shooting Range.

We will be meeting at the BISR on Friday, November 30th, from 6PM-8PM. We will meet in the main lobby, pay our fee, sign waivers, then head to the rifle range. The rifle lanes are being reserved for us, so no waiting.

We plan to have the 5 rifle lanes for the 2 hours from 6PM-8PM. Ideally, we would like to have 2 shooters per lane, but we can have up to 3 shooters per lane.

As Calgunners, for this event, we are being offered the law enforcement discount rate of $15 per hour. This includes 2 targets.

We will be allowed the use of the conference room and a private bathroom that will not be available to non event shooters.

I will be bringing a cooler with some sodas/water and will be ordering a few pizzas. We will be eating/drinking in the conference room. A small donation will be accepted for the pizza.

Rifle calibers are acceptable up to .308, Handguns up to .44 Magnum. Full metal jacket ammo only, no exposed lead without prior permission from Chief RSO. Tracers, incendiary, or armor piercing rounds are prohibited. No steel jacket, steel core, or aluminum case ammo is allowed. No black powder is allowed. Range ammo prices below. No shotguns.

If a Calgunner on the rifle range wants to shoot a pistol on the rifle range, they need to leave a $20 deposit that is refundable contingent on that the shooter does not shoot the target hangers. If they do not wish to pay the deposit, then they will have to go to the pistol range to shoot pistol.

Please note: In the conference room, there is the law enforcement training screen and expensive computer equipment. If someone even touches the law enforcement training screen or computer equipment, that Calgunner(s) will be held liable for all damages. So do not go near it!

They do have few eye and ear pros to borrow at no charge, but they only have a few, so best to bring your own.

Only way to keep your brass, is if you use a revolver or a brass catcher.

I will have some Calguns stickers to give out.

We will be having a simple rimfire competition with a prize given to first place. More details on this in few days.
See post #16

Ammo prices are current as of 11/19

Reloads - 100 rounds per
9mm: $21.99
40sw: 24.99
38sp: 26.99
45acp: 33.99
.223: 36.99

New - 50 rounds
9mm: $14.99
40sw: 20.99
38sp: 22.99
45acp: 22.99
357mag: 26.99
.223: 24.00

BISR Address:

877 W. 4th St.
Beaumont, CA 92223
(951) 845-5757

Range Rules and website ---> Click HERE!

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