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Originally Posted by Linh View Post
damn that's badass, homeboy got lots of tabs.
Originally Posted by stitch_paradox View Post
They're 3 for $1 in Douchetown military surplus store.
is the picture bad or is his beret black? with the SF crest on it. not sure but still an idiot.

i wear my old DCU's pants on the way to duck hunting and in classes i take. they are comfortable and no longer a current uniform. i have worn my ACU's with no rank or US ARMY just name tape on my hat. it helps with ID on the range.

Originally Posted by Snoopy47 View Post
I think the big red flag for someone in a dress uniform in the open public would be they are alone.
that depends. you never know where they are going. now if the uniform is way F'd up and does'nt pass the smell test then yeah there is something wrong.

i hardly wear by Class A's anymore but i have been alone before getting gas or getting something at 7/11 near the base never worried about someone telling me i'm not in the service.

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