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Originally Posted by BonnieB View Post
You're wrong, JMP, just wrong. Your prejudices about women shooters are showing.

A range date is fine for a woman who shoots. As for communication, that's the point Movie Zombie made, about coffee or lunch after shooting. At good commercial ranges, they have cease fires, plenty of time to chat. I'd love a morning at a good shooting club followed by brunch.

No woman in her right mind would do a first date at anything but a commercial range or an established shooting club (no BLM, etc.) I'd feel safer at a shooting club or commercial range than at any Starbucks in the world.

The women here have said they think it's fine, assuming the lady in question is a shooter and wants to be there in the first place. And the gentleman in question should not be shocked if she seriously out shoots him. It happens.
I am assuming the woman isn't a shooter. Any woman that has an account here is going to be automatically biased toward shooting as a positive.

If the converse were to occur, I think it would be strange for a woman to invite me on a first date to a shooting range if I wasn't a shooter.

I have no prejudice toward women shooters.
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