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Originally Posted by CalTeacher View Post
2" groups at 50 yards is not really shooting if it is being done from a machine rest. I'm not claiming to be able to shoot the best groups in the world, but when shooting against a timer, while moving, at a target 35 or so yards away, hitting inside the A zone twice means that you're pretty accurate. Furthermore, I could care less what my gun can shoot in a machine rest. I'd rather see what it can do in my hands, without support, etc.

I guess I just don't see the point of trimming if it brings you almost no practical gains. Primer pocket uniforming, trimming, etc., all sound like they will make your ammo into the model of accuracy, but at pistol distances with a human behind the gun, all those steps become increasingly meaningless the more they are adhered to. Great accuracy can be achieved without unnecessary steps like trimming.

I can see the benefit in, say, sorting brass by head stamp depending on the application, but anything further than that is getting into the realm of severely diminishing returns.
You're talking about shooting skills and not precision ammo making. And you're proving my point of don't trim if best accuracy ain't the goal. Reloading is a hobby and a science. All I'm saying is I know for a fact from doing enough tests with 2" 50-yard guns that a certain uniformed case length helps accuracy with certain loads.

I don't do the primer pocket or flash hole on pistol rounds. My tests showed they don't help at all. I do separate head-stamps but only after they're loaded. And I don't trim all my pistol brass, just the competition rounds and test loads.

I'm not advocating trimming pistol brass is 'necessary'. All I'm saying is uniformed components will help produce uniform results. Here is one example of 'severely diminishing returns':
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