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Originally Posted by gunboat View Post
Interesting project, very nice results --

I would be interested in knowing the tooling you used and what, if any, professional help you used.
You did mention dissatisfaction with a local smith.
I watched a couple of youtube videos and found a thread on snipershide where somebody cut their barrel down using manson tooling. Honestly the Manson tooling made it really easy to cut the barrel down. I ordered the military crowning kit for the .308. I also ordered a .22 pilot in case I ever wanted to cut down an ar barrel. I ordered two cutters, 2 pilots, and a 45* cutter. I used a reciprocating saw and an electric hand drill for the tooling. Some cutting oil and steel wool for polishing. No professional help used at all.

Originally Posted by dzhao20 View Post
Looks damn good from here man. Excellent job on the project
The flattery is much appreciated!
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