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Originally Posted by movie zombie View Post
no to the BLM range date idea.
yes to an outdoor range....properly run and not gangsta.
yes, to a bite to eat afterwards...or coffee/tea/dessert.
plus points for making sure there is at a minimum a portapotty within easy walking distance.
extra water just in case also earns brownie points.
have fun!
I doth protest!

A BLM date is quite fun, as long as one takes advantage of it. First, one must find a beautiful spot to shoot at. This could take some work since the typical outdoor shooting area has brass and shotgun cases everywhere, so find a nice beautiful spot that's not so secluded she'll freak out.

Second, use the space to your advantage. The great thing that I love about shooting outdoors is that YOU control the safety and pace of things. There's nothing worse than going to an indoor range and finding a Tactical Tom in the next lane oogling your woman between mag dumps , & there's nothing romantic about an untrained moron constantly sweeping you and her with their bugger on the bang switch either.

Outdoors, you can relax, show her the safe and proper handling of firearms, and if YOU know what you're doing you can even demonstrate holster drills and some competition oriented setups. Best part about it is, you don't have to worry about range restrictions or Tactical Tom.

When the ammo box runs dry put away the hardware, lay out a blanket, pull out a picnic basket, and let the rest take its course.
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