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Originally Posted by JMP View Post
Who determined the destination? Does she know it is an actual date?

A first date shooting sounds about as ghetto and or hillbilly as you can get. It is pretty difficult to communicate with the noise and hearing protection, so the lack or dialogue may lead to no second date if you don't freak her out with too much zeal for firearms.

To me, this would be a parallel to having a female invite me to a first date at the Louis Vuitton store, so I can buy her a purse.

Sorry, I accidentally wandered into the Ladies Forum
You're wrong, JMP, just wrong. Your prejudices about women shooters are showing.

A range date is fine for a woman who shoots. As for communication, that's the point Movie Zombie made, about coffee or lunch after shooting. At good commercial ranges, they have cease fires, plenty of time to chat. I'd love a morning at a good shooting club followed by brunch.

No woman in her right mind would do a first date at anything but a commercial range or an established shooting club (no BLM, etc.) I'd feel safer at a shooting club or commercial range than at any Starbucks in the world.

The women here have said they think it's fine, assuming the lady in question is a shooter and wants to be there in the first place. And the gentleman in question should not be shocked if she seriously out shoots him. It happens.
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