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Originally Posted by xounlistedxox View Post
I must take the stand of zero restrictions. Felons and violent criminals get firearms if they want them anyway. Might as well at least have them pay some state taxes and fees while they're at it. As soon as there is one restriction there will be more to follow.
The point isn't that they can be kept out of the hands of felons; clearly, they can't. The point is that felons can be sent back to prison when they're caught in possession. Slippery slope just doesn't cut it logically, and this is one example. Barring some exceptional developments judicially, you will NEVER see an absolutely regulation-free environment. Never. Do you want to fight for some pie in the sky thing that'll never happen and reduce the chances of meaningful reform because you come off as too extreme to large numbers of people? The anti-gun culture of this state isn't going to be changed that way. Your attitude--well, the public manifestation of attitudes like that--are political red meat to state legislators who stand to benefit by painting with a broad brush.
"Almost every reform movement has a lunatic fringe, but here, the fringe is apparently sane."
― Theodore Roosevelt
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