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Don, not so fast! Your post reminded me of a related problem.

Inconsistent cartridge diameters seriously effect my shooting and cause failures to load and eject.

I shoot common .22s like Marlin and Ruger which seem to shoot anything. Last week i took out my Beretta .22 and Blazer bulk ammo and the gun failed on each and every round, yet ive used that ammo with success other times.

I didnt want to go back for ammo so i stayed out and hand-fed the Beretta and each round fired fine. BUT....i noticed that each round fed into the breech had a very different case diameter. Some rounds fit loosely, some ok, many had such a tight fit they either had to be forced in or rejected outright. A too-tight-fit assures failures, even for the cleanest gun in the world.

With CCI, the cyling is fine, meaning to me that there is much higher consistency and precision in cartridge-making, nevermind the grains or powder. With CCI i never had to consider this problem because i never hand-fed each cartridge wherein i would see the differences in diameter.

Most people do not hand-feed a semi-auto, they rely on the internal systems so that they never have to see what i saw. The FTFs, FTEs continue and people dont know exactly why. In other words, most guns would shoot more brands/models of ammo if all the MFRs had very precise casings--which I can see they dont. Cartridges look the same but they arent.
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