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Originally Posted by Sir Stunna Lot View Post
as mentioned previously by Gene, the "fight" is being taken one step at a time. You cant rush from no-issue to constitutional-carry overnight. be thankful you are in a county that allows you to carry. you got your answer from your original post: use your common sense to dictate what is an "official" contact and disclose your ccw as appropriate.

if you are truely passionate about changing the gun's right of this state, you can be as active as you want and still follow all ccw restrictions, the two arent mutually exclusive.

as for your bad encounters with cops, let me tell you something: they can smell a jack-*** from miles away. short of a very small percentage of officers out there, the vast majority will give you the respect if you deserve it. with that said, dont go through life with a hatred for cops, they will see it in you in terms of nervousness and bad attitude and will hasle you for it. next time you get into an "offocial" contact with an officer, give it an "honest" try, things will turn out better.

btw, i dont agree with the restriction on notifying officers about ccw, i still dont tell officers when im pulled over that im carrying (unless i feel it is needed, which i havent yet), however all of that will change when my new permit has the restriction...
I believe you're reading more than my words say. I don't have a hatred of LEO's. One of my good friends is a CA Highway Patrol in South Sacramento, another one of my good friends is a Retired Undercover Sheriff. I donate to the 11-99 Foundation and all my cars wear KA 4993 plate frames which is on the recommendation of my Highway Patrol friend. The company I work for does not offer any sort of law enforcement discount, but I actively approach LEO's when they're at my work place and inform them that we do not officially offer any discounts, but I will personally see to it that they receive a discount. Same goes for military, firefighters, etc Additionally whenever I see LEO's, Military, Firefighters at restaurants I offer to pay for their meals.

My point as already mentioned above is that this new policy opens the door for problems in my opinion. I have also ran into many officers during "official" contact that were very respectful and in most cases really cool people. The bad apples are few and far between, but they are still out there. Just watch the video link I posted to youtube. My personal example was not as bad, but not really good either. Some LEO's think they can do no wrong because they wear a badge, and guess who else wears a badge? All of their friends who will most likely cover for them in case of a screw up. Knowing and hanging out with LEO's I hear lots of stories that the general public would get in an up roar about.

to old bald guy

I must take the stand of zero restrictions. Felons and violent criminals get firearms if they want them anyway. Might as well at least have them pay some state taxes and fees while they're at it. As soon as there is one restriction there will be more to follow. All they have to do is either wait for the 1 in a million wacko to commit violent gun crimes, or brainwash someone manchurian candidate style and send them out to commin the same type of crime to scare the public into thinking guns are bad and should be restricted. Then only the government will have arms and a complete police state will remain.

Auto accidents in the US cause many more deaths than firearms in our current way of life, but you don't see the gov't trying to ban automobiles. In addition I remember reading that you are more likely to be shot by a member of law enforcement than a crazed gunman, but yet there are no restriction on arms for LEO's
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