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Originally Posted by stator View Post
So should she leave her firearm at home and be without it in a life threatening situation and die? I always wonder why people tend to post that leaving it at home is better until some undescribed level of training is reach.

What would be the appropriate level of training and who gets to determine that? You, me, Obama, or the Brady Campaign? How would we trust those that set the training requirements are free from ulterior motives?
Fair question, since i didnt specify what is considered proper training, let me elaborate:

1.) OP should show his mom how to load and unload the gun safely/correctly/appropriately, make sure she practice with live rounds and no rounds. give her a week and then ask her: "mom, are you 100% confident in your ability and are you scared at all of the gun?" If she answers incorrectly to either, give her some more time to practice and get more comfortable and ask her again untill she answers both correctly.
2.) Op should take his mom to the range and teach her to shoot the gun and hit a life size target, i would suggest at 7 yards. Assuming the OP knows how to shoot, he should be able to see when his mom is competent and comfortable enough on the trigger
3.) Op should explain the self defense law to his mom. Have her understand the "concept" of "only use the gun if you feel like your life is in immidiate danger". He needs to make sure that she understand the concept, when to properly use the gun and have her explain to him in her own word to make sure that she fully gasp the concept and isn not just repeating what was told to her. Also throw in the LUCC laws too.

Those are the 3 steps i have taken and used for people who want to learn about guns and self defense. I usually start with step 3 first, however, either orders will work perfectly fine.

You just have to use common sense sometime, no need to anyone else to make a checklist for you on this one. Chances are that if you feel that someone isnt ready, they probably arent. However, if you taught them well and you have confidence in them, they are probably ready.
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