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I would take whatever you guys want to send, I hope to be home before my Bday (7 Jan) but dunno if it will happen or not.

Sending some of the fast food condiments would be awesome, any and all will be welcomed!

Things that go quickly here:
-]Pop tarts-any flavor
-Oreo Cookies-Double stuffed are the best!
-Cereals- Fruity pebbles, Capt Crunch etc...
-Chips- Doritos, Cheetos (There are no chips at any DFAC and the BX sells out instantly when in stock).
-Twinkies or Zebra cakes (thanks for the reminder!)

Originally Posted by Tripper View Post
Send twinkies
I'm sure the black market could net them some good trades on that
Twinkies would be AWESOME! Even some zebra cakes or some of the good snack cakes!

Originally Posted by CavTrooper View Post
Dude, ill take some of those junk pics.
Originally Posted by Scuba Steve33 View Post
PM me your e-mail address. Erect or limp?
:rofl ....

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well this went downhill fast
+1 but all in good fun i suppose...
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