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Originally Posted by CalTeacher View Post
Well, my ammo isn't for plinking, its for competing in USPSA Limited division. Its every bit as accurate and reliable as any ammo you can load while wasting your time with a trimmer. I can make A zone hits at 35 yards in the move with my ammo...but i guess if i trimmed my brass then i could hit the super secret A zone....

Ive yet to meet a serious competitive shooter that trims their pistol brass.
6"x11" A zone is not exactly my 2" groups at 50 yards statement. 6" machine rest group might as well be plinking. put it in a machine rest, which was my premise, and you'll see a difference. You and I both know shoot on the move is not about 'accuracy' it's about skills.

You're right, not many comp shooters trim their brass. I only knew 1 or 2 that did when I shot PPC and Bianchi Cup.

My point was logically, uniformed components yield more uniformed results. I have done it and seen the results. That's why 'anyone would'.
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