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Originally Posted by ke6guj View Post
the ATF ruling says that it applies to .mil firearms (note that that ruling was in 1985 when many .mil firearms weren't 50-years old yet and were being imported as curios, not at relics). ATF has taken the position that it applies to domestic C&Rs as well and just send back your Form 1 saying that you need a DW permit for a modern SBx.

If you want a newly-modified C&R SBx bad, I guess you could sue ATF to approve your Form 1. That will probably be the only way to get this fixed.
I'll kick in $20 to get someone going on the lawsuit thing. Won't be me thats for sure.

No more C&R SBS's will be made until they change their mind. Regardless of what some read/interpret the law as who aren't inking up my next tax stamp.

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no it can't!
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