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Originally Posted by SuperSet View Post
This thread shows how character judgments over the internet are often wrong. I invite you both to a local match or training class to see how wrong you both are.
What does taking a class have to do with the class requiring ANYTHING other then a desire to learn tell me? ZERO...thats what it tells me. I can ask you what the cost of gasoline in your area is...what does that prove?

You are not reading what our objection is..and I know a wonderful, loving and extremely well educated person who says owning a firearm = criminal intent to murder... so what does your Customer service have to do with this issue...again...ZERO

Originally Posted by Mute View Post
It seems some of you people are just waiting to be offended. No one is being subjected to any slippery slope of infringement, since this is a PRIVATE business and not the government. If you don't like their policies, don't do business with them. That is your prerogative. However, I suggest before flying off the handle you actually contact them with your concerns. You'd may find yourself surprised by the some good customer service and that your overreaction was for naught. As another poster has already mentioned, a receipt for the purchase of a firearm within the last two years will suffice to meet this portion of the requirement for attending a class. Try doing just a little research before going ballistic, especially over non-issues.
You are missing the point. The requirement should be, "a desire to learn"... period end of story, no other requirement at all, all citizens have a right to self-defense.

Food for Thought...There are an estimated 100,000 active gang members serving in the US Military...and over 1.5 MILLION TOTAL gang members by an FBI study.

My last post here, I promise.

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