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Originally Posted by SilverTauron View Post
This is good advice no matter the sex of the person you're bringing out.

Last year I invited a friend of mine and his wife to the local range for the 1st time.On the drive down I brief the couple on safety procedures and proper gun handling, so when we hit the line everyone's up to snuff.

Husband shoots my Beretta. Hits the target 2 out of 5 rounds at 7 yards.
Big Smiles.
His wife shoots my Beretta.All of her 5 rounds hit the target, admirable considering the weapon barely fit her hand.
Big Smiles.

I take my turn, crank out the target to 10 yards like I customarily do on my range visits, and without hesitation shoot a 3" group with the M9 like I usually do. I turn around and see my guests as I explain that its my usual drill when practicin-

Big Frowns.

Oh crap.I spent the rest of the session explaining that I went to the range monthly, and as such I never shot that well the first time out. I doubt it helped much.

To someone who's starting out, what we consider "average" performance looks like Rob Leatham to us.Next time I take someone shooting im not even going to take the line.The entire point of the exercise is to make shooting fun, not embarrassing.
I definitely agree you, it looks you have plenty of experience!
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