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Why? Its a fantastic gun at a great price. I picked mine up from alquist arms in Turlock and its definitely become one of my favorite guns. I just put a bit over 500 rounds through it over the weekend, the first time shooting it, and my first target is shown in the pic below. Fun gun, cheap to own and shoot, and darn accurate. I broke it down to install a sam lam bushing to drop the mags and did the slingshot mod (just need to add a spring or something in there now), and have a cheap red dot on it. It was a PITA to take apart at first, but after doing it the first few times to install the parts and triple check its function, pretty much have it memorized now. The one thing I do not like, is that I have the molded grip version. It really does feel like it is too thin but I have a slip on grip to remedy that soon. I know the RP model can replace grips and that many people have dremeled off the grips to use true 1911 grips or had plastic/rubber slip on grips installed from a maker on the rimfire forums, I believe. Great gun though, I'd definitely recommend it to anyone interested.

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