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Originally Posted by xounlistedxox View Post
Personally I have zero evidence to support this plan of attack. Nor did I read it somewhere and just repeat what I heard. I am constantly thinking like the enemy. That is the only way to defeat them. If I were an anti I would go for this plan of attack since it's the easiest. This plan would nearly fly completely under the radar for even most pro gunners. The Obamanation are nearly enslaved to stupidity, so they would have no problems with this since it would make the streets "safer" while they collect their welfare check.
You've summarized the mindset of your voting bloc quite succinctly--you have no evidence, you claim not to just repeat what you hear but offer no evidence, you seem to take pride in disrespecting the President of the United States, etc. I won't bother getting into a political argument, because I doubt you're interested in empiricism, and anyway, such discussions never change anyone's mind.

There is no shortage of cynical, narcissistic, arrogant LEO's in Sacramento. I hope none of you that think this new restriction is a reasonable one never have to run into them. I have ran into a few.
Funny, I've had the opposite experience, at least for the last 30-40 years or so. I did run into a few arrogant officers several decades ago. Back in the late 70's and early 80's, my wife and I were stopped several times in what could only have been instances of racial profiling (no citations or anything else tangible came of these encounters, because neither of us had committed a violation of any sort, and the statements and actions of the officers involved left little room for doubt as to their attitude). That was a long time ago, however, and neither of us have had any negative experiences with LEO's since then. As I stated earlier in the thread, on the one instance in which I needed to identify myself as an LTCer, the interaction went very smoothly and the officer thanked me for advising him.
"Almost every reform movement has a lunatic fringe, but here, the fringe is apparently sane."
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