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Originally Posted by adrenaline View Post
An officer rang my door bell almost a few minutes after I got home, I peeked out the door and holstered the weapon as he wanted me to come out and talk to him. There was a break in a few houses down and he wanted to know if I have seen anything suspicious. I told him that I remembered a loud crash at 2 am thinking it was my house....cleared my house and perimeter and simply went back to bed thinking I was dreaming or something.
Funny you should mention this. Mid 2007 the house I lived in at the time was broken into. My neighbor called the Police while several men were burgalarizing my house. They took lots of things including 15+ firearms. Then they came outside and stole my other vehicle. My neighboor called back when they were stealing my car. I arrived home from work. More than 1 hour had passed since my neighboor called the Police. No police had arrived yet, so I then called the Police and informed them that my house had been burgalarized, car stolen, and many firearms stolen. I also wanted to see why they had not arrived. 2 1/2 hours after I made my call a Community Service Officer showed up. No sidearm.

Out of all the firearms stolen I was able to get one back. No other property of mine was recovered, or so they say.

If I would have had a firearm at that time to carry you bet I would have. I wouldn't have mentioned it to the Police either. I had already applied for a CCW with the Police department prior to this. My Mom was going through a rough divorce with my step dad and he was stalking her. She was staying with me at the time. My application mysteriously disappeared without a trace.

These are only a few examples I have of failed law enforcement in my life. But you can bet your a** they were right there when I went 10mph over the speed limit and have no problems holding me there for an hour just because. Then asking me "why were you in such a hurry" or my favorite is some variation of "save lives not seconds" I always then ask them why they speed with lights and sirens if it only saves seconds.
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