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Originally Posted by Old_Bald_Guy View Post
We have a larger percentage of people in prison than most other countries; not sure exactly where we rank. A significant factor in that is "war" on drugs. The "government will make more crimes felonies in order to get our guns" argument, where's the evidence of such a radical plan?
Personally I have zero evidence to support this plan of attack. Nor did I read it somewhere and just repeat what I heard. I am constantly thinking like the enemy. That is the only way to defeat them. If I were an anti I would go for this plan of attack since it's the easiest. This plan would nearly fly completely under the radar for even most pro gunners. The Obamanation are nearly enslaved to stupidity, so they would have no problems with this since it would make the streets "safer" while they collect their welfare check.

There is no shortage of cynical, narcissistic, arrogant LEO's in Sacramento. I hope none of you that think this new restriction is a reasonable one never have to run into them. I have ran into a few. The fact that they all have standard capacity magazines, an AR type rifle with no bullet button and a shotgun in nearly every vehicle can speak to those who thrive on having power over people. To me, someone who could drive around every single day with that amount of firepower in their work vehicle, then have the nerve to worry about what I'm carrying has something seriously wrong with them.

I guarantee you that I interact, on a daily basis with more people than the vast majority of any individual member of law enforcement. Where i work is not in a good area, and I carry things that people want to have without paying for this includes cold hard cash. To me I believe i am in potential danger constantly. But, if I were to have the same firepower as one squad car then I must be crazy.
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