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Originally Posted by skyscraper View Post
I have learned that some of calgun's members use the word "anti" to describe anyone who doesn't agree with their ideas.

If I ran a training institute, I would want qualifications as well, outside of just the basics.
He could have clarified what he meant in post #23, or #26. Instead he decided to brag about donating money. I assume he's capable of reading so he chose to dodge the question rather than just answer the question I asked about it in post #18. Yeah, when it seems like someone has a hard time understanding what "shall not be infringed" means, thinking "guns for me, none for you" is fine, or "it's just a little extra restriction from the government", that person is anti-2a.

He could have hit the quote post button and responded with "I discussed this at length in another thread, I meant up to the schools" rather than choosing to brag and throw a fit. With such an easy way to clear up what appears to have been a misunderstanding, yet choosing to go the other way, I think he's really anti-2a and just didn't want to make a pro-2a blanket statement.
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